1. Rike wakes up late for school and Eches deals with the consequences.
2. Rike runs into his true love... and his worst enemy.
3. The Dean makes her intentions known, though its doubtful Rike gets the hint.

Back to School (here we go again)

4. Rike meets Yuki Takashi from the band “Yuki’s Fun Parts”.
5. Rike wakes up from his kiss induced coma and Eches flashes back his day.
6. Never bring a short sword to a magic fight and Rike’s mom “speaks”.
7. Rike’s soccer skills get put to the test and the band gets a new name.
  8. The boys talk about love and relationships... also goats.
9. Eches shows off the new website and gets a call from a mysterious patron.
10. Eches has a dream after intense training. Rike’s mom creeps around.
11. The new website’s a big hit! But Rike doesn’t seem to appreciate the hard work.
12. As the fame sets in, Rike comes home to a few surprises.
13. Pink bears and... uh... Rike does... *hic*... I’m so wasted.
14. Rike Gets caught not napping during class and Guy gets his orders.